Saturday, July 4, 2009

Health, Safety and Environmental Risks of Underground CO2 Sequestration

CO2 Sequestration poses many risks - this UNPROVEN technology is still experimental and the public has every right to be concerned and opposed to being part of such a risky experiment which includes such risks as man-made earthquakes, contamination of freshwater aquifer, asphyxiation.....and it goes on and on.

Currently, large-scale "demonstration" projects are being implemented in communities with the opportunity to no vote - educate yourself and your community on the risks and lack of rewards... take a stand! Fight back to protect your community!

I believe it was the Dutch who said, "After you put it under Manhattan you can put it here"

In the U.S. these projects are financed largely with taxpayer money - money that could have been spent on renewable energy.

This essay addresses health, Safety, and environmental risks that need further research.