Saturday, May 23, 2009

WARNING - CO2 Sequestration Danger - Citizen CALL TO ACTION

Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams




Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams

  • Two major aquifers will be at risk, threatening our water
  • Injection at high pressure can cause earthquakes
  • If released in sudden amounts can cause death
  • If released in slow amounts can damage nutrient-rich soil
  • Turns into an acidic solvent that corrodes pipelines
  • No one knows how far it can travel once injected
  • Residents can be burdened with unfair liability issues
  • Will cost $93 million over a ten-year period

Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams


Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams



Christian Lighthouse Center’s

All Seasons Place

5256 Sebring-Warner Road Greenville, OH – Darke Co.

When: Monday, June 29, 2009

7:00 p.m.


Kerwin Olson,

Citizens Action of Indiana

Dangers of CO2

Kathleen Boutis, President

Green Coalition of Western Ohio

Sponsored by: Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration

Carbon Dioxide Storage in Coal SeamsCarbon Dioxide Storage in Coal Seams

Lessons learned by US DOE in Shadyside, OH CO2 Sequestration experiment

"US DOE field test completed
Storage, May 21 2009 (Carbon Capture Journal)

- The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership has completed a preliminary geologic characterization and sequestration field test at FirstEnergy’s R. E. Burger Plant near Shadyside, Ohio.

The project provided significant geologic understanding and "lessons learned" from a region of the Appalachian Basin with few existing deep well penetrations for geologic characterization, said the DOE."

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In response to passage of the "American Clean Energy and Security Act" by the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Joint statement by:

Greenpeace USA * Friends of the Earth * Public Citizen * Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana *Citizen Power * Center for Biological Diversity * TURN-The Utility Reform Network * Sustainable Energy & Economy Network * Green Delaware * Massachusetts Environmental Energy Alliance * Massachusetts Forest Watch * Coal Moratorium Now!

Washington-In response to passage of the "American Clean Energy and Security

Act" by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, a coalition of environmental, legal, consumer, and community advocacy groups released the following joint statement:

"While a week of debate failed to adequately strengthen protections for consumers, communities, and the climate in this bill, it erased all doubt of who will benefit most from it: Big Business. Despite the best efforts of Chairman Waxman, the decision-making process was co-opted by oil and coal lobbyists determined to sustain our addiction to dirty fossil fuels, even as the country stands ready to rebuild our economy and clean up the environment with real clean energy. The resulting bill reflects the triumph of politics over science, and the triumph of industry influence over the public interest.

"Regrettably, we cannot support this legislation unless and until it is substantially strengthened. The lives and livelihoods of 7 billion people worldwide will be affected by America 's response to the climate crisis. The response embodied in today's bill is not only inadequate it is counterproductive.

"As passed through the Energy & Commerce Committee, the American Clean

Energy and Security Act sets targets for reducing pollution that are far weaker than science says is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. The targets are far less ambitious than what is achievable with already existing technology. They are further undermined by massive loopholes that could allow the most polluting industries to avoid real emission reductions until 2027. Rather than provide relief and support to consumers, the bill showers polluting industries with hundreds of billions of dollars in free allowances and direct subsidies that will slow renewable energy development and lock in a new generation of dirty coal-fired power plants. At the same time, the bill would remove the President's authority to address global warming pollution using laws already on the books.

"The international community cannot solve global warming without real leadership from the United States . We urge the President to demonstrate that leadership by working with Congressional leaders to craft a real, science-based response to the challenge of global warming and by immediately exercising his substantial authority to regulate global warming emissions under existing laws."