Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day in the Darke/Green region

** A time to remember all those who have passed on from friends and family.

** A time to remember all those who have died for the ideals of this great country.

And for members of the Citizens against CO2 Sequestration

** A time to remember all those who died in our coal mines - and now a much greater

group has been added - those in the dangerous mines fueling the gadget driven

industrial economies of India and China (combined far exceeds US in CO2 and

toxic emissions).

**And for all those in this country and world-wide who died breathing the unnecessary
toxic-Beijing smog generated by our coal-fueled industries.

**And for ourselves, that leaders will recognize that we deserve the same consideration
that athletes received when China cut back on its coal fired industries prior to the Olympic

Help us appreciate that by “fighting CO2 Sequestration” in the Darke/Green region, we by
serendipity have joined the world in a fight for a healthier safer environment for all mankind.

Charles E. Reier, MD
Rebecca A. Reier
May 25, 2009