Monday, May 4, 2009

HEADS UP - U.S. Chamber Steps Up Its Campaign For Congressional Action to Limit Legal Challenges to Energy Projects

U.S. Chamber wants Congress to limit legal challenges to energy projects
April 17, 2009 —
By Stephanie Condon

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The business community is trying to convince Washington that the goal of creating green energy in the U.S is being undermined by "radical environmental activism".

In April, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stepped up its campaign to prompt congressional action claiming too many infrastructure projects, including electric transmission lines and solar farms,are delayed by "green tape": lengthy permitting processes, litigation from concerned local activists and environmental groups, and other hurdles like rezoning. In many cases, the chamber says, these challenges delay projects for so long that financing dries up and the projects are abandoned.

The Chamber is urging Congress to shorten the environmental permitting process and more strictly regulate litigation against green-energy projects by setting a 270-day time limit for the environmental assessments to move the projects forward in a more timely manner. Additionally, they would like to see limits on the number of appeals possible.