Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stop Experimental CO2 Projects

7 Ways to Get Involved –

1) Do your research and then talk to your family, friends and co-workers

Next large event -
Wed. Aug 12

"Faith into Action"
7 PM

Rain or Shine

Greenville High School Football Field, Greenville, OH

3) Write letters to the editor

4) Write letters to elected officials

Track how your elected officials voteyou voted them in and you can vote them OUT!

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5) Join Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration

Get a YARD SIGN (We already have 800 up with more on the way!)

Call Isabelle or pick one up at Tropical Isle Tanning Salon.

6) DONATE- Greenville Federal Bank, Greenville, OH - All contributions are appreciated!

7) Invite a member of Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration to speak at your next group gathering

We are a grassroots movement - public outreach and meetings have a cost involved with them. Our passion is deep but our pockets are not. All donations are appreciated.

For more information email -