Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Below is the link for the Seismic testing work plan for Darke County, OH - the plant is located in Greenville, OH. The seismic testing is part of the process of preparing this community to be the site of the proposed large-scale CO2 EXPERIMENT to inject 1 M tons of supercritical CO2 underground - this "experiment" comes with MANY RISKS - including death from asphyxiation should a large amount of it escape. CO2 sequestration is expensive, unproven technology - paid for largely by TAXPAYERS. The citizens in this county were given NO VOTE - we were never asked if we wanted to take on this risk.

Would YOU want to move into a community that accepts this for its RESIDENTS?

What new business would want to locate here?
What family would feel safe moving into a community with this experiment going on?

Once the CO2 is underground it is there FOREVER!

If CO2 were REALLY such an issue - isn't the LOGICAL SOLUTION to require the COAL COMPANIES to find alternative sources for energy - to stop polluting the air with CO2 (which by the way, is NOT a toxic greenhouse gas)

CO2 sequestration allows the Coal Industry to burn MORE COAL for electricity- up to 40% more to capture the CO2 for sequestration and even more to put it in the ground under pressure.

In Greenville, OH this proposed CO2 Experiment is to capture relatively "clean" CO2 from our ethanol plant and put that in the ground. Wouldn't it make more sense to do this experiment on a COAL PLANT? What they are "cleaning up" here is a problem we didn't even have until the ethanol plant appeared.... we are NOT fighting the ethanol plant, we are asking them to be a good community partner and STOP THIS EXPERIMENT from happening here!

Below is the link to the Daily Advocate article on the Seismic Testing -

Write your elected officials and state Representative & Senator - Tell them you object to this experiment -

NO CO2 Dumping In Darke!


I was able to quickly find this report of a fatality which is proof that they are not mini- explosives = they are powerful!

Below is a link that talks about the issues involved with seismic testing when it's done without the "shaker trucks" along the areas that the trucks can not travel on = for these areas they use explosives....... this article includes how long the explosives that don't fire as they are supposed to ... how long they can remain live and what can detonate them.