Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Public Opinion - CO2 Sequestration

If all we read about public acceptance being an important precondition to CO2 sequestration projects is to be believed then YOU and I have a VOICE that needs to be heard to STOP CO2 Sequestration in our respective areas. The time to speak up is NOW - BEFORE IT STARTS.... EVERY VOICE COUNTS!

Look around the country - these projects are NOT going in major metro areas - they are going in small communities - communities that may not be aware of the risks and even more important - communities that are not likely to speak up to oppose CCS - not likely to form a grassroots group to protect their communities and the quality of life they currently enjoy.

Many opposition groups take the stand that only when they put under Manhattan or a major city will they consider it "safe".

Below are some quotes about public acceptance and CCS ( also known as CO2 sequestration or geosequestration)

"The public acceptance of CCS is an important precondition for the large-scale deployment of these technologies. At present it can be assumed that the majority of the public is neither for nor against CCS, because the level of awareness among the public is very low or virtually nonexistent." Read the full article here

Reports - they study the public for best practices to get them to accept CCS
This is a link to reports from Europe

From the Dutch ( who oppose CCS)