Sunday, May 10, 2009

Take ACTION Against CO2 Sequestration (CCS)

  • Watch this video from
  • Join national groups working together to stop CCS
  • Join your community group to stop CCS projects, not just in YOUR neighborhood, but in everyone's
  • Write letters to the editor
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors
  • Realize that the time to act is NOW before it is in the ground FOREVER
  • Get educated - Carbon Sequestration is driven by the coal industry and is just another way to fund the coal industry - not only does it consume MORE of it, it adds to pollution and consumes MORE of our most precious resource - Fresh Drinking Water.
  • Write your elected officials - vote for those who work to stop CCS - remember, as an elected official they are working on YOUR behalf........let them hear your voice!
As is so often the case.......... the push for big business initiatives - (money makers) is stronger than the case for education about what each of us can do to reduce OUR carbon footprint and the push for clean, renewable energy.

In the end........the earth is polluted, the disadvantaged poor and elderly suffer even greater hardships and money that could be spent on developing clean renewable technology is wasted.

The time to be heard is NOW!