Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plan for "Cleanest" Power Plant Abandoned Near Los Angeles

"abandoned due to opposition by environmentalists"
Great job, L.A!!!!!

You not only saved your community from the risks - you saved tax-payer dollars!
I hope you help with others who are fighting to keep their families and communities safe!

To read the entire article click here, parts of it are listed below.
"A plan to build the "cleanest and greenest" power plant near Los Angeles has been abandoned due to opposition by environmentalists, according to a newspaper report on Monday.

"The 1-billion-dollar project in Carson, a South Los Angeles suburb, would have been an early test of carbon-capture technology, in which carbon dioxide emissions are permanently stored underground, according to local newspaper the Daily Breeze.

It was billed as the "cleanest and greenest" power plant when plans for construction were announced in 2006.

But the companies involved in the project said they encountered opposition from environmentalists. The project exposed a rift between some environmentalists who say that carbon-capture technology poses risks to surrounding communities and those who say it is essential to mitigating climate change."