Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Such Thing as CLEAN COAL

I'm sorry, but coal is a fossil fuel, it is almost pure carbon, and it is the PROBLEM, not the solution, to America's energy and the world's environmental problems.

The whole intent of the devious "clean coal" marketing campaign is to justify the continued use of coal. Of course we won't be able to stop using coal all at once.

The time has come to stop wasting any more research money on trying to develop clean coal technologies, CCS, or anything that would rely on the future use of coal. Yes, coal is here and available but the energy available from renewable sources is even more widely available.... sun, tidal energy and wind energy. As an added bonus, we no longer would have to tear apart Mother Earth, pollute her land, water and air to use them.

What we need is an intensive effort - in both the public and private sectors to make this happen.

Somewhere on the web I heard it said best, "Wouldn't it be great if America could start leading on this issue, and start making things that the rest of the world wants and needs?"

America could lead this movement or we could sit back and pollute the earth by injecting CO2 FOREVER!

Which legacy would you rather leave for feature generations?

To access a web site that talks about the myth of "clean coal" click here - watch the videos, lots of GOOD STUFF there!