Friday, April 24, 2009

CO2 Sequestration Danger - 2 Ohio Sites

Is YOUR family's

Get the FACTS about
C02 Sequestration
This is NOT Green Technology
and WE are the GUINEA PIGS

This is a link to an article that talks about the CO2 sequestration projects for two Ohio counties and about some of the most obvious dangers of CO2 sequestration - the possibility of dying from asphyxiation is not on there but it is a very real threat. click here.

GreenPeace Activist Oppose CO2 sequestration in the Netherlands - how nice to see another grassroots movement put a snag in their plans! I love the time bombs on the opposition posters....Residents fear another CO2 catastrophic leak of CO2. Some of them cite an incident in Cameroon in 1986, when Lake Nyos released a lethal cloud of naturally occurring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, suffocating about 1,700 people and thousands of cattle

Shell failed to account for local opposition. Some 1,300 locals raised objections to the plan. Last month, the town council came out against it, citing "numerous reservations."

I applaud their town council!

"It's not just Nimby-ism," said Anne-Marie van het Erve, a spokeswoman for Barendrecht's council. "A large part of the carbon-storage technology is unproved. And we're saying if it's an experiment, you shouldn't be doing it in an urban environment."

The whole story is here